SOLD on Arizona
Sold on Real Estate

Sold on Arizona is a registered USA trademark, by David E. Kropp of Scottsdale Arizona.  David registered this slogan when he moved to Arizona from Illinois in 1995, and the slogan SOLD on Arizona represents His view of the State.  David believes that Arizona is one of the best places to live in all the USA, and one of the best places in the world to own and invest in Real Estate.

Since moving to Arizona in 1995, David Kropp has been involved in the real estate industry in many , different ways.  As an owner of Real Estate, as the Vice President of a international Real Estate company, as a Sales Manager and Coach for one of the largest RE/MAX companies in Arizona, and David has been an active Realtor in selling real estate.

David has worked in other related real estate areas too.  He has held positions with the Starwood hotel group and Marriott Vacation Ownership Group.  In addition, David created the company TIMESHAREPLUS, for the marketing and selling of timeshare resorts. 

David Kropp is creative and innovative in many areas, and in his career he has won numerous industry and community awards for service, sales, and management.  You may contact David for advice on any of the areas mentioned.  He is available to consult with companies looking at the opportunity that the Wondeful State of Arizona offers.

He is SOLD on Arizona, He is SOLD on Real Estate, He is SOLD on the USA, He is SOLD on Vacations, He is SOLD on Kierland, He is SOLD on all the opportunities tha the USA provides to people to have a good life, and his personal statement with every email he sends out ....says... DO something nice for some one today!

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